Let your weight yo yo


It's what everyone warns you against: the crash cycle.  Hard fought weight loss, followed by giving up, followed by rapid weight gain.   Instead, they recommend gradual weight loss through sensible eating.  But how can we deal with an impulsive, suggestible Amy Brain, and, at the same time, maintain constant, gentle progress?  That's a recipe for a long, painful struggle.  But what if we don't accept the sensible advice?

Instead, let's accept that the road to weight loss is going to get bumpy?  What really happens if we let our weight yo-yo?  Why should gradual weight loss be a smooth ride as long as it still delivers the weight loss?

Between Amy Brain and Traybake Britain it's impossible to stick to the kind of diet that delivers constant, gentle progress.  No matter how much a diet tries to dress up its plan as an easy-to-live-with regime there’s always hidden trap.  Take something like Paleo.  When you look at all the dishes it allows, they all sound fantastic.  But just think about what it really means to rule out your favourite processed carbs, week-in, week-out, forever.  No spag bol, no chips, no muffins (well not proper ones anyway)... ever?  It's enough to make a person crack.  And we all do.

So how do we deal with that kind of temptation.  The Diet Groove has hit upon a great new solution.  We give in to it.

And yes our weight goes up.  But there's a big difference between the yo-yoing of the failed dieter and what I'm doing.  I don't yo-yo between one diet and another.  I yo-yo every week.

I pretty soon discovered that if I stood any chance of sticking to a diet I had to allow for Amy sabotaging my best laid plans on a regular basis.  Put simply, I need to be able to enjoy all the terrible stuff I love as part of my regular life, even if its only a fairly small part.

And I discovered that there is a way to lose weight and still eat badly.  I don’t mean you lose weight by eating badly.  But you can enjoy a couple a few good meals a week, or a even few days on end, without worrying one jot about your weight and still shed the pounds.  

You just use a dramatic dieting tool to simply offset the spag bol, chips and muffins.

We beat Amy Brain, not by denying her what she wants, but by accepting it and channelling it.

Let’s change the way we think about Yo-Yo dieting.  So far the Yo-Yo dieter has always been victim, at the whim of forces he or she cannot control. But stuff that!  And stuff the blame in the first place. 

We sometimes eat chips.  And so our weight goes up and down.  Live with it.  If we take responsibility for the ups as well as the downs then we don’t have to give up.  We don't just let Amy run off and gorge, and crash and feel guilty.

The Diet Groove is based on very powerful dieting tools.  Your job is simply to use them as tools.  This is not to be some interminable struggle.  It is not a slog. 

There’s nothing wrong with putting weight on when you know you can take it straight back off again.  You take it in your stride.  And it becomes a groove, a rhythm.  Weight-loss, loss, loss, loss. Step-back, loss, loss, loss.  Hold-it, loss, loss, loss.  You'll find your own.  

Every time you put on weight, just know that you have, know why you did it, enjoy the profiterole and take the weight back off.  It's like Tennyson said, "'tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."  But for 'loved' read 'eat chips'.

There might be times when it feels tough.  There is sometimes a little lag between cause and effect a day or two.  You can’t just have a big lunch and then lose a pound by teatime.  Sure you have to put in a Fast Day, but that's fine.  It works.  Very soon you know what to expect, the groove is established and you begin to really trust that you can put on a few pounds over the weekend, but still be yet lighter by Wednesday.  The beat goes on.

The simple truth is that if you want to lose weight, but enjoy life and food along the way your weight is going to go up as well as down.  It’s just not a big deal.  

Your weight might Yo-Yo, but you are holding the string.