Sixty Six Day Coaching

It's said that it only takes 21 days to change a habit.  Well, that seems to be a bit of a random myth (seems it came from a Reader's Digest article about flossing in the 1970s).  Current behavioural research shows that, for everyday tasks, a much more realistic number is sixty-six days.  Or so.  That's a nice number, I thought.  And there's a song about it.  

Getting into the Diet Groove doesn't happen overnight.  Remember, this is a new way of eating, not a short-term patch-up.  I've set out the basics of the Diet Groove on this site, but it's not the same as living with it.  Like many achievements, the Diet Groove works one day at a time and there's more help to be had on that kind of daily basis.

So, for too long now, I've been thinking about how to make a more immediate, personalised coaching guide.  It's always good to have a day-by-day programme to follow: it'd give you more ways to get stuck into the Diet Groove, it'd chart out an easy-to-follow personalised plan - designed for your lifestyle.  And, to give you even more encouragement, it would include plenty of insight from my own experience - what to expect, how you feel and what to watch out for, etc..

It would take the form of a simple coaching diary.  

If you're remotely interested in pre-registering for this please let me know, below.    You're not going to be added to any mailings and I won't pass on your email to anyone. (If you want to subscribe to new posts, then please go to the blog - sorry that has to be a separate registration).

Many thanks, and Happy Grooving.

Will x


Hello Will, I'm interested.  Please pre-register me for the coaching diary.