Get out of the rut and into the Diet Groove

The Diet Groove is a new kind of diet, based not so much on what you eat, but just as much on how you eat.

It's been devised by Will Penrose, a behavioural expert, who found that he could use the power of behavioural research to help lose weight - instead of just using it to advertise washing powder.

So after years of putting weight on after each failed diet attempt, Will has now lost 4 ½ stone and has kept it off for three years now.

Understand the Diet Groove and why it works

The Diet Groove is made up of lots of easy-to-follow behaviours that make it work.  These are the Grooves; as simple as tying your laces.

Catch up with more about the Diet Groove on Will's blog.

There are three simple eating styles that you are free to switch between.  

And for each kind of day there are some suggested recipes to get you started.

Get into the Diet Groove

Make exercise work for you too.  

Finally, if you'd like a bit more help to get into the Diet Groove, take a look at Route 66.  It's Will's coaching diary based on his own experience.