Two big boosts to losing weight this January

mince pies.JPG

Half a dozen mince pies left and it’s January 3rd. 


I’ll leave them for the children, and if that fails, then they’ll freeze perfectly well for a couple of months in a plastic box.

Because I think this year I’m going to need the best part of a couple of months to get back to where my weight should be and feel confident it’s stable again.

No big deal.  Christmas turned out to be a particularly big one this year, in terms of my waist that is.  Not least because I’ve been celebrating since the season started, for me, back in November with a trip to Prague – city of beer and dumplings.

But after a good month of totally indulgent eating and drinking it only feels right to pull the belt in – literally.

I started yesterday.  Not on the 1st because that’s just too depressing.  But the good thing about a Diet Groove attitude to food is the ability to be able to get back to where you want your weight to be at any time. 

How does that work?  There are two simple ways:

One – you know you’ve hit the point of no return.  When you’ve had success on the Diet Groove you come to own it.  You have the ‘magic number’ in your sights.  You know what you can be and you know that there’s only so far you can let yourself drift from it.  You recognise that it’s time to turn around and take back what is yours.  It’s time to get that ‘number’, to get those bulges flattened, to have yourself back.  That goal is yours and you are not prepared to let it go.  Because you own it, then psychologically it’s already halfway to being obtained.  Job done.  Well…  job started

Two – you know it works.  You know you can do it.  You know it’s not impossibly hard.  You know any tough times can be dealt with.  You have the strategies, tactics and behaviours to make it work.  So you have confidence.  And if you’ve been on the Diet Groove for any time, like me, then because you’ve done it before, you know you can do it again.  And that in itself is motivating.  You don’t face an impossible battle.

And for me this is a great time to do it.  January’s not much of a month so I’ll make the most of its meh-ness.  I’ll be dry.  I’ll put in lots of Fast days – at least two a week - and I’ll limit my Reloads.

At the end of last year I spent my time plotting out exactly how to do it in a journal that I’ll be following.  It spells out a six-week journey with plans, lists, menus, recipes and trackable process.  It’s based on my very first experience of the Diet Groove so I know it works.

And if you’d like to read more about the theory and the experience of what it’s like, I’ve also managed to finish writing the book too.  Busy Will.

They’re both on Amazon, under Diet Groove, or go via  And please let me know what you think.

Meanwhile good luck shifting the Christmas bulge.

I wonder if I’ll want a mince pie in March?

Happy Grooving

Will x