Happy Easter Eggs

So, it appears Cadbury has ditched Easter in favour of a more honest description of what we’re celebrating this weekend: chocolate.  And whether you agree with it or not there’s no doubt that the eggs we’re going to scoff over the next few days have more to do with celebrating the hit of chocolate than the wonder of new life and new beginnings.

For anyone trying to lose weight it is just another onslaught of temptation to resist.  We're designed to crave the very things we're trying to avoid.  That sweet, melty chocolate promises our body the energy and nutrition it needs.  Trouble is, we don’t physically need that much of it.

But we are living in Traybake times.  We are tempted with delicious, beautifully presented food from morning to night and at Easter it only gets worse.  If it’s tough enough resisting the lure of sugary carbs on any ordinary day now you’re up against the might of the confectionary industry and at Easter the gloves are off.  It's not hard to find fabulous examples.  Check out #pimpmycarbs on Twitter or Instagram and add your own.  What’s the most tempting, over-the-top, or just plain cheeky carb pimping you’ve come across?

So how do you resist?  If you’re anything like me you can’t.  But at least you can limit the damage.  Leave the sugary milk chocolate to the kids.  Allow yourself a little bit of high cocoa content dark stuff.  Read about how here.

And try to keep out of the food hall at Selfridges!

Happy Easter, and happy hunting!

Will xx.

Will PenroseComment