Enjoy your diet

A couple of bbq'd chickens.  A ton of bbq'd vegetables.  And while the bbq's on, you might as well chuck a couple of sausages on.  What's not to like?

Last night was an amazingly balmy spring evening.  Supper for the family just had to be eaten outdoors, so out came the bbq.  Second time this year (we had steak and burgers last weekend) and always a joy.

I couldn't have wanted a better meal.  The vegetables made a braised salad, we chucked on some sweet potato too, and then we ripped our way into the smokey, salty chicken.   I'm sure mine was made all the better washed down with a couple of cold glasses of Gavi, but the children enjoyed theirs just as much.  

And the point here is that, diet or no diet, I wouldn't have wanted to have been eating anything else.  OK, this wasn't an abstemiously strict Fastday meal, but it was never supposed to be.  And for a meal that feels like a hugely indulgent chow down, it's actually completely 'on message' as far as low carb guidelines dictate; a simple Burnday meal that feels like a feast.  

And that's the great thing about following the Diet Groove way of eating.  Even without the bbqs, it's about enjoying food, and finding easy ways to lose weight without going hungry, and without depriving yourself of great meals.

 If you're not happy with a way of eating you're not going to stick with it.  That's why so many diets fail.  And that's why finding a groove that suits you works.

You can't lose weight by denying the pleasure of great food. Enjoy!

Will x

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