New Year New You?

 Scout, full of the joys of spring

Scout, full of the joys of spring

British Summer Time is here, so it’s officially spring.  The sun’s out, the daffodils are out and our young puppy is bouncing around with all the boundless energy of, well, a young puppy.  So why am I thinking about New Year resolutions?  It’s because by this time of the year so few of us do.  They're well forgotten by Easter.  Mine was to get back in the Diet Groove after coming well adrift over Christmas, but so far it’s been a bit tricky.  I've been in danger of letting it slip.

I’ve been using the Diet Groove for years now and I know that it works so well, that perhaps bizarrely, it’s in danger of being a victim of it’s own success.  Let me explain.  As the Diet Groove recommends, I allow myself some big Reload times in the year and Christmas is always the biggest.  This year was no exception.  Between 15th December and 2nd Jan I put on the best part of a stone.  So as of Jan 2nd I threw myself into some concerted 'Fake' Fasting (that's fasting for a day or two at a time, but cheating with a good supply of lean protein foods to keep hunger at bay.  It’s boring, but simple, and by God, it works).  And I backed it up with a day by day commitment to Dry Jan.  By the 18th of Jan I’d lost the stone.

Trouble was I was still off my ideal weight.  Things had slipped a bit towards the back end of 2016.  Perhaps the cumulative misery of such a shit year had driven me to a few more gins than my waistline needed.  So as I eased off the Fasting and going into February, my weight started to plateau again.  

Yes, since then, I've kept the stone off.  But ideally there’s another half a stone to go.  I know I can do it.  I know the Groove will work.  But the question is do I do it now or later?  We went to the seaside at half term and so that meant a good few days Reloading again, with lots of fish and chips and holiday pastries.  And yes, I've dealt with that easy enough, but now I just don’t know how much more to push on.

Last week I got off to a great start with some more Fake Fasting.  But ‘not drinking during the week' turned into 'not drinking until Wednesday'.  Oops.  So let’s see.  I’m getting there.  I'm a couple of pounds off my ideal weight on a Friday but a few pounds adrift on a Monday.  I just need to stick to a weekend on Burn and that’ll crack it.  But when?  Maybe I should remember my New Year's resolution.

So what was your New Year’s weight resolution?

How’s it going?

Do you need any help?

All the very best and a Happy New You.

Will x