Lose weight with an alarm

 Never go hungry on a Fastday

Never go hungry on a Fastday

I made a confession last week, to myself at least.  And that was that I’d let things slip.  Without noticing it, I’ve put on a few pounds over the last couple of months.  Ooops.  But there’s one good thing that’s really worked for me here, and that’s the fact that have actually noticed now.

Once you have got to your Reset Weight there’s a huge temptation to relax a little.  Then, all of a sudden, without ever meaning to, you’ve thrown the diet out of the window.  Hitting your Reset Weight is certainly time to celebrate.  But the brutal truth is, if you’ve had a weight issue like me, you’ll never be able to forget about your diet for good.  Stop thinking about how you eat for a week or two and your Amy Brain responses will be completely overwhelmed by the ‘traybake’ temptation that surrounds us.  And whether your particular temptation is the chocolate brownies themselves, or whether it’s savoury crisps and nibbles, a few beers or the odd gallon of Pinot Grigio, there’s just so much temptation in our lives that we will eat more than we need.  We can’t help it. 

But when you’re in the Diet Groove, that’s when you’re saved by the bell.  By following the Diet Groove long enough to get to your Reset weight you’ll have automatically created an alarm bell for yourself.  As long as you’re in the groove of weighing yourself every day you’ll soon start to feel uncomfortable if your averages start to linger at levels that they shouldn’t.  And I don’t just mean uncomfortable in the waist-line.  Even before it gets to that you’ll feel a bit unsettled about the numbers.  After you’ve lost so much weight you’ll have a conscience about it.  Even Amy Brain respects your achievement.  You’ve come this far there’s no sense in throwing it away.  And if there’s even the slightest risk of that happening then your Thoughtful Brain can sit Amy Brain down and give it a good talking to.  And so Amy Brain is put back in its place.  And because you know how the Diet Groove delivers results you just re-engage with it properly and off you go again.  And that’s what I’m doing now.

It’s been a week and it’s going ok.  I went back into Fastdays for four days.  A big hit but remember, there’s never any question of going hungry here, so nothing to worry about.  And then a Burnday and a gentle Reload weekend.  I say that only because I didn’t Reload at every meal.  Great Burnday breakfasts are easy at the weekend with brancakes, ham and eggs.  Such a good breakfast (along with a coffee and the paper) you don’t even think you’re being good.  But then, for me, things got a bit out of hand.  Some friends arrived and it turned into a bit of a party weekend.  And well, who can diet at a party?  And so naturally, things came undone a bit, but all within the Groove. 

Over the week I lost the seven stone easily enough on the Fastdays, but rebounded a lot with the Reload.  And that’s OK.  I’ve touched back in with my Reload weight for 24 hours so I know it’s possible.  I’ve lost a pound off my average and I’ve had a brilliant weekend.   And I can build on this some more, and if I have just a gentler time next weekend (which shouldn’t be difficult) I’ll take even more off the average.  So all good. 

How about you?

Do let me know.



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