Bring on the vegetables

Fast days – made easy with unlimited protein – are a miracle.  You lose lots.  You lose it quickly.  You don’t go hungry.  And they are child’s play to follow.  No thinking required.

This week I’ve just done three in a row.  It’s the way I find dieting works best.  What goes on must come off, and the faster the better.  It’s actually an enjoyable groove to get into; the fun of indulging followed by the simplicity of fasting (rather than constant moderation).  And this Christmas there was no shortage of ‘enjoyable-ness’; I managed to put on several puddings’ worth of weight. 

Using protein as a support for a Fast is simply the most efficient way to lose weight quickly that I’ve ever tried.  And the little red numbers on my scales (deliberately channeling 1980s Casio watch) show the numbers to demonstrate: 13st. 6.   Yipee!  On Monday, that was 14 stone.

But after three days of Fast, I’m ready to move on.  This kind of limited food palate just can’t be a good idea for extended periods of time.  I’m no nutritionist but I’m pretty sure vegetables are a good thing.

So, not for me 5 or even 7 days of a Dukan attack phase.  I’m hitting the vegetables today.  So what’s for supper?  how about a chunky chef’s salad with steak?  Or a warming big bowl of gingery Pho – made with with lots of bok choy – that’d would warm me up as the weather turns colder.  Or just a comforting courgetti carbonara?  Not as good as pasta, obviously.  But after Fasting it’s even nicer to appreciate it for what it is.  That’s all part of the groove of the Diet Groove.

What do you think, Mrs P?

And everyone, how's your groove going?

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