Simple things

I've got a lot of work to do.  A stone to lose by the end of the month.  But I've done a day and the 14 lbs I put on over Christmas is now down to 12.  It's a little ray of light in the January gloom.  And as I walked back from dropping my youngest off at school this morning the sun broke through the rain clouds for just long enough to shine on a patch of wet pavement.  Not much, but it's a start.  Just like the pound or two I've lost.

And on days like these, when progress is important, it's these results that count.  It would be more interesting to tell you about an amazingly lovely supper I've got planned for tonight or a delicious lunch I'm looking forward to now.  But I'm not.  That's not how Fast days work.  The point here is not to focus on food at all.  Sure, if you get hungry, then snack on a little light protein - smoked fish or chicken etc..  But do something else with your mealtime.  Tonight I'll be taking the children to their Taekwondo class then coming home to watch part two of Silent Witness.

This is a day for melting away those fat reserves and getting the weight loss up to speed.  I'll be drinking lots of water, tea (both green and Yorkshire) and coffee.  I've got some juicy chicken in the fridge and some chewing gum as a distraction.  It's not glamorous, it doesn't make for beautiful photographs and there's no interesting new recipe to experiment with.

But it works and it is easy to do.  A Fast day is a simple thing and it works best if you keep it that way.  

Will x