Happy with your new year weight?

I’m fourteen stone.  A whole stone over my reset weight.  Over the past month I’ve put on a pound every couple of days.  And I can feel it as I fasten my belt and I can see it as my waist has bloomed like those muffins I’ve eaten so many of.  And I’m happy about it.

Yes, in the past I’d have been depressed.  I used to find dieting a struggle.  Every year I would diet hard, and every year I would lose weight, but it would be difficult and often it would backfire.  Somehow, while I wasn’t looking, the diet would slip, and before I knew it, the weight would go back on.   Whether it was a short crash diet that I couldn’t sustain for more than a few days, or a healthy regime that just got too boring to follow, diets were always quietly, but absolutely, abandoned.  And pretty well every year I’d end up a bit heavier than the year before.

But now I know something different.  I know that the behaviour of dieting doesn’t have to follow this self-defeating pattern.  I’ve learnt a few big behaviours that give me a new way to diet.  I’m still following nutritional diet advice, and I’m interested in new discoveries like ‘sirtfoods’, but I now know that none of these diets has to be a silver bullet that I pin all my hopes on.  The big difference is that now don’t just know what to eat, now I know HOW to eat too.  And that means HOW to diet successfully.

I know that I will be back to my reset weight by the end of the month.   And I know that I can stay there for good.  And, most importantly I know that it won’t be a struggle.   I’ll not go hungry.  I won’t crave anything.   I’ll be eating lots of delicious light dishes of course.  Anna Jones’s latest book was under my tree and I’m looking forward to trying some of her recipes.  But there’ll be lots of good meaty food too, like steaks and roasts and fry-ups.  And then still room for some simple naughty-but-nice treats too – the hot-buttered toast, or salty chips kind of no-no that most diets ban completely.

My diet groove includes all sorts of different foods and moods and seasons.  I know I love Christmas, and I still feel happy about having mainlined Quality Streets for the past fortnight, because that’s part of my groove.

But I also know how to Fast without going hungry or feeling crabby at 4 in the afternoon.

So I’ve got no regrets about enjoying Christmas so whole-heartedly.  And I’ll do it again next year.  And I’ve found a little bonus too.  A year ago my Christmas peak was 14st3.  So even when I pig out I now put on less. 

It’s all good when you find your diet groove.

Join me and find yours.  Thedietgroove

Will x