Today's the day to roast a chicken

 Weight loss simplicity

Weight loss simplicity

Or two.  You're going to need the protein.

If you're serious about losing weight, there's one food that you can't ignore.  Protein.  It burns slowly, fuels your muscle and keeps you satisfied.  The most successful diets that have ever been popular, from Banting in the nineteenth century, to the latest Sirtfoods, they all use a simple protein base.  

If you're serious about losing weight now you've got to start off well.  Go in hard.  I'll be using Fast Days.  But because of the power of protein to make us feel satisfied for fewest calories, I'll be protein fasting.  For a few days this week my Christmas weight will fly off.  I'll start the day with yoghurt and bran.  And then I'll snack on chicken and smoked fish.  I'll bring back my lovely vegetables after two or three days and I'll monitor my weight every day to judge when.  Then it'll be Burn days all the way into next week.  And no alcohol either.  

It doesn't need to be a commitment forever.  Our Amy Brain will find ways to break any diet.  But I'm going to use this time to get ahead and be able to control when I take a break.  So I'll never go off the rails completely.  The trick to dieting well is in how you behave.  And for now my behaviour is going to be extreme.  But just for now.

So chicken for me.  And a couple roasted today will see me through my last proper meal of the holiday, and then leave me plenty of lean meat for the fridge for tomorrow.


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