The Best Chance to Lose Weight You’ll Have for Months – Don’t Miss It.

 The time is right

The time is right

Ever since people started counting moons we’ve made a big play about marking occasions.  The regularity of the seasons and rhythms of our own calendar are hugely significant in shaping how we behave and of course there’s none bigger than tonight.

So use it.  Sure, it’s not the only time that counts.  You can lose weight any time.  And certainly it’s not fool-proof.  But while we break our resolutions regularly every year, we fools still go on making them.

It’s because deep down, they give us an extra push.  They make our ambitions feel a bit more important.  Just making a big deal of something makes it more of a big deal.

So let’s use it and make a big deal about losing that weight for good.

But how about this year you make a resolution that delivers.  The Diet Groove is a way of losing weight that will work for you forever – simply because it’s easy to stick to.  It uses our instinctive behaviour to help with whatever diet regime you want to follow.

Of all the diets that people start at the beginning of January, the majority have failed by March 18th (a professor calculated it).  And all the weight that’s been lost is firmly back on again.

I started The Diet Groove in January 2012 and lost three stone in six months and went on to lose four and a half stone, which I’ve kept off for three years.

It’s a new way to diet that could be your best chance yet.  This is your time to make it work for good.  Read more about my discovery here.

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