The right time to lose the most lbs

 Cake for breakfast.  

Cake for breakfast.  

It’s the 30th December and according to the TV adverts I must be thinking about a beach holiday or buying a very plum coloured sofa with more moving parts than a funfair ride.  Not quite my thing.  I like my sofa to stay still and if there’s one place I feel out of shape for right now, it’s the beach.

But, as I munch through just one last slice of pandoro (one of my favourite post big-day Christmas treats – it being the only time of the year when it’s obligatory to have sponge cake for breakfast!) my thoughts do allow a bit of space for things in the, da-, da-, daaah… ‘New Year’.

I’m happy wallowing in this indolent time, thinking of little else than what to have for lunch, and maybe even planning as far afield as something for supper(I think today’s the day for the big turkey curry, and we have an amazing coriander chutney on which to base it) but I know that my diet groove is going to have to swing back to burning calories to allow for all the festive fodder I’ve been enjoying.

There’s still plenty of time for festivities and my weight is holding steady at about 13st11’’ (only 11lbs over my reset target!!), so there’s no danger of me holding back this week, but there’s one decision you do have to start thinking about if you want your diet groove to work.  Simply: when are you going to kick off the Fast?  You’ve got to hit it hard when you kick-start a weight loss phase, and this is a great time to make a big mark, whether it’s just to shift the Christmas Reload, or whether it’s a fresh new phase of losing lbs. 

And if you’re really going to make it count it’s better to go in hard than to ease yourself in half-heartedly.  That way is a slippery slope.

So for me it’s got to be Monday 4th.  The 1st has a certain logic to it, and maybe it’s right for those of you with a strict frame of mind.  But I can’t start a Fast on a Friday.  It just feels wrong.  And after about a month of indulgence what difference is a couple of days going to make?

No, I shall finish my Reload on Sunday.  The last roast potato for a while, red wine and a big pud.  Maybe a nice early night.  A final night cap…

Then up and at it on Monday morning.

Watch those pounds vanish. 

Who’s with me?

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