Get grooving

Fast, Burn, Reload  

Three basic attitudes: tough, moderate and free-for-all. Three kinds of days. Three instruments to use.

There's a hard hitting FAST DAY for dramatic impact.  Bang! Bang! Bang!

An easy, healthy, regular BURN DAY, happily avoiding the empty carbs of processed flour, rice and starch. Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo.

And then the blast of anything goes enjoyment to keep you on track in the long term, to retrain your habits and to prevent the nose-spin to your metabolism of the typical low calorie diet:  RELOAD.  Wayyyy-heeyyy, heeeeeyyyyyy!

You'll find your Diet Groove in how you put them together.  That is going to return your weight to its Reset Point.  And that's how you keep it there too.  

You use your weight chart to guide how you respond to each day and how many days of each you need to keep to to get the results you want.  You'll find a rate of weight loss that suits you and you'll work out the rhythm it takes to make it work.  Fast, Fast, Burn, Burn, Burn, Reload, Burn, ...perhaps.  Once you've got a rhythm you use the weight loss chart just to make sure that you are keeping to track and not letting the results go soft. 

I found that I’d confidently lose a regular pound a week with a Fast Day or two, followed by three or four Burns and a couple of Reload Days.  If I hit just Burn and Fast Days I’d be taking up to three or four pounds off easily per week. 

Just a couple of Fast Days back to back would take off three or four pounds.  It depends what you follow it with to see the overall progress.

I just need to remind you that I'm not a nutritionalist, and this is all based on my experience only (that's why I'm keen to hear what happens for you).  But as far as things happened for me, the proportions worked out something like this:

·      Massive kick-start weight loss (4 – 7lbs per week): Four Fasts, Three Burns

·      Big weight loss (3 – 4lbs per week): Three Fasts, Three Burns, One Reload

·      Moderate Loss (1 – 2lbs per week): Two Fasts, Three Burns, Two Reloads

·      Holding pattern (0 lbs. per week): One Fast, Four Burns, Two Reloads

Use Fast, Burn and Reload Days according to your changes on your weight chart.  You’ll soon see how much of each you need and how responsive your weight is.  Allow a little lag of a day or two to see the impact.  In practice you’ll know that a Reload Day will need to be followed by a Fast Day.  If you Reload at the weekend then, as the week goes on, you can see how effective the return to progress has been, and you can decide how much you want to push on or stabilise for a few days.  Make sure that your long term trend is going down and you are on course to reset your weight and your body is getting deep into the Diet Groove.

When you start the Diet Groove you owe it to yourself to go in hard, when you’re readjusting after a blow out weekend you need to hit it hard again.  Likewise when you are adjusting for a holiday, it'll take a couple of weeks to get the rhythm back.  But don't worry, it comes.  And when you’re in the middle of that weekend, when you’re on that holiday; at the bar, in the sunshine… you don’t give it another thought.

You might even find yourself hitting it hard just because it’s working well.  When you’re on a roll.   It might sound odd but sometimes it’s easier to do another day’s fast on the back of two successful ones than it is to get started again after a weekend off.  There’s a theory about New York Taxi drivers that makes the point.



A behavioural study of yellow cabs gave us a suggestion about why it’s so hard to find a taxi in the rain.  According to the study it’s not just that the taxis get booked, but that there are fewer of them.  The drivers, it argues, have a notional target of how much they should earn each day.  And on rainy days they get so much more work than normal that they quickly reach their target.  The Cabbie’s Amy Brain shouts home-time, job done.  But maybe the driver shouldn’t listen.  If the fares are coming thick and fast on rainy days perhaps it’s best to stay out and rake in as much as you can.  This will offset those long days of summer when the city is happy to walk and the taxis spend hours emptily searching for business. 


But Amy Brain only thinks about the here and now of course, and it’s the same with dieting.  If you lose a few pounds on a Fast Day, Amy will celebrate and say ‘done’.  But think about over-riding her again.  Like a rolling stone, adding some weight loss momentum can be a very efficient way to make an impact.  One more day now could just get you to a really new low and set another market on your chart.  There are lots of ways to beat Amy and while we mostly concentrate on beating her when she looks like winning it’s can be even better to beat her when you’re already on the up.

What’s most important is that it is a tool you can stick with over time because it tackles not just the calories and nutrition of dieting, it tackles the behaviour of dieting and the battle we have with our Amy Brain.

This is a way to reset your weigh completely because it’s easy.  It’s designed to work with your urges and impulses, not to fight them.  It’s designed to work as close to intuitively as possible – so your Amy Brain is happy to go along with it.  If we have to engage the logical brain we are going to get caught out.  And if we have to resort to willpower we’ll almost certainly quit.  But because the Sticky Diet action based approach is so simple, acceptable and forgiving then it becomes instinctive to follow.

·      simple – you can follow it without having to think too much – there are no complex rules to obey, no stages progress and no regimes to stick with, not even calorie counting. 

·      acceptable - it doesn’t ask too much of you.  The toughest acting Fast Days are only ever just a fraction of the time and even during those days you there are foods you can eat without restraint.  You are not going to suffer!  There’s no going hungry, nor denying yourself, in the long term, of any of the foods you want. 

·      forgiving.   It allows you to fall off the wagon as much as you like.  That’s just part of the diet. 

That’s what makes it easy.  Treat nutrition as a set of instruments you play as you want, instead of sticking doggedly to one regime.  Enjoy alternating your eating behaviour.  Fast, Burn and Reload.  These three days can reset your weight so that it returns to what you want it to be.