Assiette de Viande (Meat Feast)

This is an absolute regular for a Fast day.  It’s really not much more than a plate of cold meat, and so it is absolutely the ultimate Fast day dish.  I’m sorry there are no rich and fatty salamis here but I find that the simple assortment plus a little mustard does give it enough interest and flavour to get you through a Monday evening.

Simply arrange a selection of the following in slices on a serving plate:

  • Ultra-lean ham
  • Cold chicken or turkey – use any of the pre-flavoured slices from the supermarket too for variety
  • Smoked chicken
  • Braesaola
  • Sliced roast beef

Garnish your plate with:

  • Gherkins
  • Capers
  • Chopped shallot

Serve with

  • A little English mustard (make your own from mustard powder and a drop of water for maximum heat and no sugar).
  • A chilli yogurt