Assiette de Fruit de Mer (Seafood Special)

The fishy version of the meat plate in other words.  I’m not talking about a half a lobster and a dozen oysters here – although by all means go for it.  But this is just a delicious selection of fish and shell-fish that is easily available from your local supermarket.  Again, simply arrange a selection of the following on a serving plate:

  • Prawns/shrimp – as big as you like
  • Mussels – often sold cooked as mussel meat.  If you have fresh ones then simply boil them for a minute until they open, then remove and allow to cool.
  • Grilled calamari (M&S Chargrilled Calamari Rings, for example).  Not the battered deep fried ones!
  • Cockles – remember these – you can buy them jarred in vinegar.  Rinse off the vinegar if it’s too strong.
  • Crab meat – dark or white
  • Poached salmon
  • Smoked / peppered mackerel

Garnish your plate with:

  • Fresh parsley

Serve with

  • Mignonette (red-wine vinegar, shallot and tarragon)
  • Penrose mayonnaise