An Omelette

It’s fast, simple and delicious.  There’s an art to a great French omelette but it’s one that’s easy to master.

  • Two eggs each
  • A tiny drop of milk
  • Some very lean ham – chopped into little bits
  • Some finely chopped chives, shallot or spring onion
  • Salt and pepper

Whisk the egg and milk – start with the white if you can be bothered and fold in the yolk.  Season with salt and pepper.  Don’t skimp.  Have the chopped ham and chives/onion ready.

Wipe (or spray) a non-stick pan with oil.  Heat it as hot as you dare.  Pour in the egg and swirl it around.  It’ll start cooking immediately.  As it does lift the edges with a spatula and let the raw mix run underneath.  Sprinkle in the ham and chives/onion.  Keep lifting the edges until nothing left will run but the middle should still be soft.  Fold the omelette in half.  Check that it’s starting to turn golden.  Cook for a moment more.  Flip to the other side.  Slide out onto your plate.

Let it cool for a couple of minutes – it will set slightly more, giving a firmer bite and won’t burn your lips.  Delicious!