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I spent a good thirty years getting fat.  I love food, and still do, and I've never had much exercise in my life, so it just seemed to be inevitable that by the time I'd hit middle age, my middle had definitely spread.  I've tried dieting over the years.  All sorts of shakes and meal plans and different regimes but none of them had ever worked for longer than the few days or weeks that I managed to stay on them.

And as the years rolled by and the rolls piled on I realised that this wasn't a story that was ever going to change.  I marked my progress with the waist line of my jeans, every few years reluctantly admitting that the comfort of a new size up was worth the painful admission that there were two more inches to travel around my waist.  (Mr Strauss was never kind enough to let it slip inch by inch, it always had to be two).  So 30 became 32 a long time ago.  Then 34, 36, 38.  And then 40 beckoned and I was just on the point of agreeing with myself that life would be better without being virtually cut into two every morning when it dawned on me that there was no end to this progression that didn't finish badly for me.

I'm Will.  I lost four and a half stone by getting into the Diet Groove.  I'm in it for good now, and the weight is staying off easily.  Why don't you join me?

 Pinching more than an inch.    I'm not going to inflict the full 'before-and-after' horror on you.  But just to make my point.  This is me on the way to seventeen and a half stone.  And yes one of my T-shirts does say 'Beer is food'.  And no that's not nutritional advice, just a nice idea.

Pinching more than an inch.  

I'm not going to inflict the full 'before-and-after' horror on you.  But just to make my point.  This is me on the way to seventeen and a half stone.  And yes one of my T-shirts does say 'Beer is food'.  And no that's not nutritional advice, just a nice idea.

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And that's when I realised that I had to do something different from just another diet.  And because of that I started to think about how I could help myself fundamentally change my behaviour, and not just what kind of diet I should try next.

I’m an ad man.  I’ve  worked in advertising since the 1980s, selling everything from crisps to cars. For six years I ran my own research business, specialising in consumer behaviour and motivation. That’s what I know  about.  Getting people to do stuff.

And five years ago I was fat.  Officially obese.  I’d spent thirty years sitting in an office, doing all the exercise of a scatter cushion and eating (and drinking) well - by ‘well’ I mean ‘a lot’.  Let's face it when I first started cooking for my girlfriend, now my beautiful wife of twenty years, we thought that a big bowl of spaghetti carbonara was a healthy supper.  Everybody did back then.

I am definitely not a nutritionist - so the foody stuff I recommend is just the obvious.  It’s the leading opinions from people who know more than me.  And it turns out that there are just a few big, simple weight-loss rules that the really popular diets of the past fifty years all boil down to.  So the Diet Groove tells you what they are.

But where The Diet Groove brings something new is in combining behavioural research with the experience of dieting and then figuring out what really works.  I focused on what I found difficult (chocolate, crisps and snacks, cake, pies, drink, comfort food….  I could go on) and I used my behavioural research to find helpful ways around it.

I found that I could use the tricks of the advertising industry to help myself get slim and I turned the tables on the food business.  I found ways to approach food that fitted with my natural behaviours.  Like all good advertising, it only ever convinces you of something you already want to do. 

And the best thing about it all?  It was easy.  I never felt hungry, I never had to hold back, I never missed a great meal and I never said no to a pint.  And remember this is someone who still loves his food.  And who frankly has all the willpower of a Labrador puppy.

I’m now 13 stone and I’m in the green zone on the NHS chart.

I live in North London with my wife and family and our Labrador puppy.

They've all been really encouraging about my progress (OK, Scout doesn't care one bit).  But the great thing about the Diet Groove is that it's not faddy or weird.  I couldn't enjoy life without great food and drink.  Not just because of the pleasure of eating, but because of the shared time with my family and friends.  So there have been times when I have put in good bursts of Fast and Burn days, and I did give up alcohol for three weeks (the closest I could get to a month) when I kicked off, but it's not been difficult.   Remember when you can have a juicy steak or a chunk of roast chicken and still have it count as a Fast day it's not so tough!

I still carry out behavioural research.  And I'm still helping advertising agencies to sell all the stuff you see in the middle of X-Factor.  But what interests me now is how I can help people to follow the success I've had in getting on top of their weight.  

So thanks for showing the interest you have to be reading this.  If it does for you as what it has done for me then you are going to love how this works.